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Thanksgiving Baskets

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

In my household, being thankful is something we strive for everyday. On Thanksgiving it's our special holiday to be extra thankful. We always give thanks for everything we have but also make it a priority to give back to our community.

My family moved to Florida from Massachusetts a year ago. This year we have decided to collect canned food from my workplace and by word of mouth for the first time in Orlando.

Here's the timeline of the events:

Here's the drop off box in the making:Get creative with the drop off box

Here is the progression of the food drive:

Celebrate all the milestones as the box fills up

Here is the End Result:

Make it fun & separate items by categories

Here are the final baskets:

Add a special note to each one

My whole project cost me nothing to create. Everything was donated, with the help of my community & co-workers. I don't think we did too bad for the first time. I hope to make this an annual tradition and have it grow bigger and bigger each year.

Involve your children as much as possible. They are at a age where receiving is fun but giving, uh not so much. Make it fun and enjoyable. Use this time to talk to your children about the importance of giving and helping others. The more they do it, the easier it gets. Consistency is important and this will led to great character traits as they grow older.

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