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3 Ways To Stick To Your Gym Routine

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Welcome back & Happy Tuesday

I'm going to share how I've been staying on track with my gym routine. I've struggled to gain weight since I had my son in 2011. I'm also not the best at controlling stress in which curved my appetite, leading me to miss many meals. I used various of excuses and misconceptions on why I wasn't ready for a healthier lifestyle.

These are the top 2 misconceptions I had:

1. I thought working out was meant only to lose weight

2. I was 'obviously' healthy since I was skinny


I am aware of how inaccurate this information is and I am determined to start this journey. I know the keys to a healthier lifestyle I want to achieve falls into these three categories: Physical, Mental & Spiritual.

The first thing physically I've been keeping up with is staying active and going to the gym consistently, key word co n s i s t e n t l y.

Today I'll be sharing 3 Ways To Stick To Your Gym Routine:

1. Research

The biggest error I had was not expanding my knowledge. I went based off many assumptions I had instead of educating myself.

I asked people around me who were qualified to give me fitness advice, I researched online and I watched videos on YouTube.

I gathered and I'm still gathering a whole load of information/tips to stay educated. I research what to eat, how to exercise, posture while exercising, how to stay focused, how to keep track of my progress and so on. This was my first step.

Make sure you research and educate yourself as you go through your journey.

"Knowledge is power" -Francis Bacon

2. Self-Discipline

Everything you do at first goes through a 'honeymoon' phase. At first your motivation will be fueling hot and you'll be ready to conquer this journey. After the honeymoon phase wears off, the journey will transfer into a routine.

I know my routine will become as exciting as I make it or as boring as I make it. This is where self-discipline comes in. Without a doubt some days will be more motivating than others.

I give myself two choices. I can be inconsistent with my work out days and slowly give up or I can fight through those sluggish days and embrace getting to my goal. I always try to remind myself of all the reasons I started this journey and all the goals I want to reach. It's always easier said than done. Knowing I can fight through my sluggish days gives me the confidence to get through it.

Have self-disciple and build a routine to have as your backbone if your motivation starts to fade.

"Motivation gets you going, but discipline keeps you growing." -John C. Maxwell

3. Patience

In my opinion, this one is the hardest of all. When I decided to convert into a healthier lifestyle I quickly realized that this is a journey and not a one-day job. It's frustrating to eat well and work hard in the gym but have the smallest progression take forever to show physically. Just remember patience is the key to this journey.

Try not to only focus on the physical progress but on the why you started this journey. Admire your WHY and it will strengthen your patience.

"Nothing worth having comes easy." -Theodore Roosevelt

What helps you stick to your gym routine?

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