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Your Time Is Now!

We often get caught up in the when to start, how to start, why even start that we just never start.

The following three, physical, mental and spiritual, must stay healthy in order to fuel your self development. Remember when you lack in one area it will effect the other areas and throw your body off balance.

Self-development doesn't knock on your door one day when it see's you're ready. This is something you must want for you. This is a commitment to yourself. Your outcomes will only be as positive as you are. Your growth will only grow as far as you let it grow. All you need is the want to and will do mentality and the rest will begin to fall into place.

The goal is to reach your full potential in life and maintain your happiness. The best part of this, is e v e r y o n e has the ability to do so. It's time to turn your life off autopilot.

Try these techniques to help your process in your self-development:


Start by analyzing the process as a whole. This will give you a visual of your flaws and strengths. You can build off this foundation to come up with a plan. Here are some questions you can ask yourself: What makes you proud of yourself? What are the changes you want to see in yourself? What puts you in a positive mindset? What puts you in a negative mindset?


Planning is key. After you've analyzed what your strengths and flaws are, the next step is to plan how and what you will need to change, what you will have remain the same, what you need to fix or what you need to strengthen. Having a plan will help you prioritize your tasks and make easier to set goals. This will be the key when you hit a road block because you'll have a foundation to work off. Your plan will be your map, it will show you what you've accomplished and an idea of what's expected ahead.


Make sure your goals and intentions are aligned. Most people have goals which is the foundation of where you can start but then never advance to accomplish these goals. Now this is not because they can't but because their alignment is off. Your intentions are based off your present while your goals are based off what you'd like to accomplish in the future.

The road to accomplishing your goals will have roadblocks and detours. When you delay the process by neglecting your intentions, it will cause you to go through more possible roadblocks and detours than necessary. This is what causes people to give up.

For an example: Your goal is to have abs. Your steps to accomplish the goal are to eat healthy and exercise. Your daily intentions are to make the correct food selections and not make excuses to not exercise in the present moment in order to accomplish your future goal.


Recognize your mistakes but don't ignore them or drown in them. This one is usually hard in two different ways.

1. People who get discouraged when they make a mistake. Just remember, mistakes are human and we all make them. Look at a mistake as a learning curve. You made a mistake, you learned from it and now you can avoid it in the future.

2. People who can never admit to a mistake. This will be your downfall. In order to avoid making the same mistakes, you need to have the ability to recognize it. You're not perfect and life will be full of learning curves, embrace it.

Be Grateful

Not everyday is a good day but there's good in everyday is a quote I live by. Stressing out everyday reminding yourself of every struggle you've encountered, are encountering or will encounter is damaging. Struggles and blessing will always be apart of life. So why not express gratitude for what we have instead of stressing out about what we don't have. Trust me your body, mind and soul will thank you for it. Wanting to strive for more doesn't mean you shouldn't appreciate what you currently have. Start off your days and end your nights with: I am grateful for ________or I am grateful because ________.

Spread those wings, your options are limitless. Use these steps above to begin your self-development journey. Don't wait for the perfect timing, don't wait until you plan it out perfectly, don't wait until tomorrow. My point is don't wait because there's not a more perfect time to start than now.

What ways do you promote your self-development?

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