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5 Newborn Myths

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Being a new mother is challenging. You have advice coming from all different directions and it can become overwhelming. I hope learning about the following myth busters will help ease your stress. Here are 5 Newborn Myths:

Myth 1: Holding your newborn too much will spoil them to always want to be held.

This is a popular common myth always told to new moms. It is impossible to hold your child "too much". This is crucial for their growth emotionally, physically & intellectually. Touch is crucial to your baby's development so don't pay them any mind and hold your baby as much as you want.

Myth 2: Crying strengthens your newborns lungs.

Uh no. It does absolutely nothing for their lungs. A baby crying doesn't always necessarily mean something is wrong. Crying is the way your newborn communicates with you about any and everything they want, feel or need. It's best to soothe the baby rather than letting them "cry it out".

Myth 3: A newborn must poop at least once a day.

New moms usually obsess on what's in their newborns diaper. It's important to learn your own newborns "normal" bowel movements. Newborns bowel movements can differ. They can poop after every feedings or have an explosive bowel movement once a week. If it goes past a week, you can contact their pediatrician with your concerns.

Myth 4: A newborn baby needs a daily bath.

You shouldn't bathe a newborn until their umbilical stump has completely fallen off. Usually sponge baths 3 times a week is more than enough until the stump falls off. Over bathing your newborn can cause their skin to dry out or cause a rash to breakout.

Myth 5: All newborns do is sleep.

The famous saying that all newborns do is sleep, eat and poop. Which is true, newborns sleep typically 16-18 hours a day BUT they don't stay asleep for more than 2-4 hours at a time. They sleep a lot but it's very irregular which is what causes new moms to be exhausted. So technically it's true but there's a lot of work required in between their naps.

There is no perfect parent. Parenting can be done a million and one ways. Research your concerns and parent the way you want!

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